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Billet Marketing Inc. is a full-service creative media agency specializing in corporate branding and high-quality content production for online channels and social media.

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Brand identity and graphic design, video production, photography, copywriting, blog posts, articles, websites, SEO, SEM, and social media management.


The Sales Pitch is Dead; Long Live the Story.


We have all seen too many limited time offers, buy-one-get-ones, and 50% off “deals” to believe what we hear, read, and see.

Billet Marketing Inc was founded to help organizations identify and articulate their core brand values – the WHY of their businesses – and then tell THAT story to like-minded consumers. 

If you don’t believe that the sales pitch has outlived its usefulness for most businesses, take a look at your own inbox. How many unsolicited offers are there clogging up your inbox? How many of these do you read? More importantly, how many of these messages are so engaging to you that you drop what you’re doing and pay them even a modicum of attention? Likely the answer is none.

When was the last time you saw a TV commercial that made you say “Honey, start the car!” If you’re like most people, you spend a ton of time online, but most ads you watch, read, or hear are so banal and derivative that you’ve learned to tune them out altogether.

There are hundreds of companies out there that do what we do, and most will tell you that top-of-mind awareness is vital to capturing tomorrow customers, and they’re right. The problem is that the media spend necessary to be top-of-mind these days has become prohibitively expensive for most companies. Even radio, which has historically offered scalability and a great return on investment is no longer inexpensive, with top-tier major-market stations costing $5000-10,000 per week for a campaign with any meaningful frequency. And don’t forget, you’ll need to advertise for many weeks to see any return at all, with significant ROI only once you have become a long-term (or onging) advertiser.

Running a TV or newspaper campaign can be even more expensive. Conventional media has simply become too expensive for many companies, and most local businesses to use, let alone charities and non-profits. Thankfully, “digital media,” which has become a catch-all phrase for social media, online video, SEO, SEM, and even experiential marketing extensions, can fill in this gap with scalable, lower-cost alternatives to conventional media. With digital media, though, the old rules about narrative structure and story-telling become even more important. If you want to make in impact in an oversaturated marketplace, you need to stop selling, and start telling.

With any marketing and advertising, articulating and authentically presenting a brand’s core values and then targeting like-minded consumers is a good place to start (see Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle). Your messages then reach an interested audience of like-minded individuals, and people are more likely to act on your calls to action. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of organizations who are doing this well, and most of them are well-established enough that they can afford to play a long game, and follow it up with substantial media presence; the Apples, Googles and WestJets of the world.

If you want to sell a product in 2016, especially if you are on a budget, you had better learn to tell good stories. Maybe it’s time we started alternating sales meetings with Tales Meetings.

Things like experiential marketing and charitable affiliations are great tools for marketers to use to create good stories, creating the opportunity for engaging video and virulent social media sharing. If you have not already seen it, and want to see a nearly-perfect confluence of these things in action, Google “Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited” but be prepared for a sucker-punch right in the feels. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle, Molson’s Canadian Passport Beer Fridge, and Blendtec’s Will it Blend are all great examples of companies doing it the right way, although none as successfully as Western Sydney University.

Working primarily with local businesses, most of our clients have needs that can no longer be served by conventional media, so we have to get creative, using our clients’ budgets to create high-quality written content, charitable initiatives, experiential marketing, and video for social media.

If your organization is looking to make a splash without spending an enormous amount of money, we can help. Contact us today!