We help clients brand, market, and sell their products and ideas.

We Help You Tell Better Stories.

Who we are

Billet Marketing Inc. is a full-service creative media agency based in Burlington, Ontario, that helps organizations tell better stories with words and pictures.

What We Do

Branding and marketing, video production for broadcast and social media, graphic design, photography, writing, and web design.


Don’t Sell, Share!


Stop Selling Products and Start Sharing Great Stories

We have all seen too many limited time offers and “incredible deals” to believe anyone who is just trying to get our money. Unless you happen to reach someone who is already looking for what you are selling, at the exact moment you are selling it, your message just won’t land. If you want to reach people, you need to share a great story.

Billet Marketing Inc was founded to help organizations identify and articulate their core brand values – the WHY of their businesses – and then tell THAT story to like-minded consumers. With experience in the automotive, food, technology, healthcare, entertainment and consumer packaged goods industries, Billet Marketing can help you and your organization effectively market and sell your product, by helping you tell a better story.

Need a TV commercial or YouTube video but don’t know where to start? We can help.

Billet Marketing Inc has worked with dozens of small and medium-sized businesses accross Canada to produce very high-quality, low-budget videos for websites, social media channels, online marketing outlets, and broadcast television.

With prices starting at $999 CAD for web videos, or $3,499 CAD for broadcast-ready TV spots including scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, animation, and upload.

We can also create corporate training videos, cover live events, provide you with still photography services, shoot real estate videos, or create other branded content-marketing pieces. In short, whatever you need, we will help you share your story. We are a recognized Advertiise Adffiliate and a member of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce in Burlington, Ontario.

As a full-service micro-agency we also offers graphic design, website development, copy writing, branding and marketing services and social media management.

Billet Marketing Inc. is a one-stop shop to help you with all of your marketing and video production needs.

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